Dreamscape (from the Alameda County Art Collection)

Laura Sutta

Welcome to the Gallery of award- winning photographer, Laura Sutta.

The Laura Sutta Gallery currently  features two genres in fine art photography:

  1. Landscape photographs, primarily  of Lake Merritt , in Oakland, CA.

These photographs depict the the stunning sunsets, squawking waterbirds, vivid dayscapes and the human touch of  the half-salt, half fresh-water body of water that was  the first wildlife sanctuary in the United States.

  1. Prayer and Sacred Sites from around the world

Beautiful and awe-inspiring images of Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and Sikh Prayer, Sacred Sites and Ritual Objects. These photographs were taken in Jerusalem, and  the Jordan River, Israel; Dharamshala and Amritsar,  India; and Bangkok, Thailand.

I am trying an experiment with this new website and would like your feedback.

Rather than exhibiting my work in galleries, this year, I am choosing to exhibit only on line.  Every two months, I will create a new show of my work on this site, and will be gradually phasing out the older images on the site. 

I’m curious to hear which images are your favorites on the current site and which you think I should let go.

Please check back to see the new shows.

Laura Sutta

Laura Sutta
fine art photography

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Spirituality, Prayer and Sacred Sites


Seasonal Exhibition

Israel and Other Destinations


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Laura Sutta  

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