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Matted Fine Art Prints (limited edition)

Medium (8" x 10") $44.99

Large - Limited Edition of 100 (11" x 14") $69.99

16" x 20" - Limited Edition of 50 $109.99

Greeting Cards

1 card $4.99

Card Collection of 6 cards $19.99

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Calendars $19.99

Laura Sutta
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To Order: please email or phone me with the following information:

  1. 1.Type of Item (eg. card, calendar, fine art print)

  2. 2.Title of Image/Item

  3. 3.Size (if if applicable)

Shipping Costs

Shipping is free for orders of $200 or greater within the United States.

Our shipping costs include both shipping and handling-- which include not only the postage based on weight but also the cost of the inner and outer envelope(s), order consolidation, verification, and sorting/packing. Each product will incur its own shipping and handling, but I will try to combine products into one shipment on a single order without any additional charge.

International shipping is also available.

Our products include:

  1. Photographic note cards on embossed card stock

  2. Photographs that are available in limited printings, in different sizes, with or without matting

  3. Calendars with various themes

Please contact the artist by phone or email to arrange for a private showing in her studio.

Sutta's 11" x 14" and 16" x 20" photographs are available in limited editions.

A limited edition is restricted in the number of copies produced.  It is hand signed and numbered by the artist in the form (eg): 14/100.  The first number is the number of the print itself.  The second number is the number of overall prints the artist will print of that image.  The lower the second number is, the more valuable and collectible the limited edition is likely to be.

Please see Galleries for examples of framed prints.

(for examples and descriptions, please see Products Gallery)

Calendars can begin with any month you choose. To see the 2011 Calendars available, please visit the Product Gallery

Business Applications

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  1. Business Applications

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  3. Advertising (brochures, business cards, etc)

  4. Holiday Cards

  5. Employee and Promotional Gifts

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